You have already progressed far in your knowledge of Hindi verbs, tenses, verb types, and noun gender. Mujhe tum par garv hai! (I'm proud of you!) But don't stop yet!

Learning Hindi does not end with learning individual words or aspects of Hindi vocabulary and grammar. When you travel to a Hindi-speaking region of India, knowing the vocabulary alone will leave you struggling to keep up with the local dialogue. Why is this? Because human dialogue is more complex than words alone - it consists of phrases and sentences that convey meaning in context. These phrases can be used to greet and meet others, to convey how you think and feel, and enable you to be a receptive listener to the thoughts and feelings of others. Gaining the ability to express yourself with ease and without limits is key. Therefore, to truly soak up the culture during your voyage to India, it is critical that you learn common Hindi phrases to effectively converse with Hindi speakers.

When you practice speaking in phrases, you solidify in your mind the vocabulary and grammar constructions you have already learned. Once you train your brain to think like a Hindi speaker, you will train your brain to speak like a native Hindi speaker.

Let's take a look at common Hindi phrases that frequently appear in authentic Hindi discourse. These common Hindi phrases are so ingrained in daily conversation in Hindi-speaking regions that they frequently roll off the tongue of Hindi speakers, and with practice they will become second nature to you and advance your own Hindi fluency. These phrases may also help you survive any sticky situations you may encounter while abroad!

Note that many of the examples below depict the formal "aap" subject-verb construction. The aap construction will ensure that your communications are polite when you are unfamiliar with the person you are addressing or wish to show them respect.


EnglishHindi TransliterationHindi Script


Excuse me. / I am sorry.Mujhe maaf keejiye.मुझे माफ़ कीजिये.

One minute ...Ek minat …एक मिनट ...


Thank you.Dhanyavaad.धन्यवाद.

It's nothing.Koee baat naheen.कोई बात नहीं.


Hello! / Goodbye!Namaste!नमस्ते!

Long time no see!Bahut deen se aapko dekhaa naheen!बहुत दीन से आपको देखा नहीं!

Welcome!Aapkaa swaagat hai!आपका स्वागत हैं।!

Good morning.Suprabhaat.सुप्रभात.

Good evening.Shubh sandhyaa.शुभ सन्ध्या.

Good night.Shubh raatri.शुभ रात्रि.

See you later.Phir milenge.फिर मिलते.

Congratulations!Badhaai ho!बधाई हो!

Happy Birthday!Janmadin mubaarak ho!जन्मदिन मुबारक हो!

Happy New Year!Nayaa saal mubaarak ho!नया साल मुबारक हो!


Nice to meet you.Aap se milkar khushee huee.आप से मिलकर ख़ुशी हुई.

It is my pleasure.Meree khushee hai.मेरी खुशी है.

What is your name?Aapkaa naam kyaa hai?आपका नाम क्या है?

My name is ...Meraa naam … hai.मेरा नाम ... है.

Do you speak English?Kyaa aap angrezee bolte hain?क्या आप अंग्रेज़ी बोलते हैं?

English is my first language.Angrezee meree pahalee baashaa hai.अंग्रेजी मेरी पहली भाषा है.

Do you speak Hindi?Kyaa aap hindee bolte hain?क्या आप हिन्दी बोलते हैं?

Yes, I am learning Hindi.Haan, main Hindee seekh rahaa hoon.हाँ, मैं हिंदी सीख रहा हूँ.

Hindi is a beautiful language.Hindi ek khoobasoorat baashaa hai.हिनदी एक ख़ूबसूरत भाषा है.

What do you do for a living?Aap kyaa kaam karte hain?आप क्या काम करते हैं?

I am a (teacher, etc).Main ek (adhyaapak) hoon.मैं एक (अध्यापक) हूँ.

Where are you from?Aap kahan se hain?आप कहाँ से हैं?

I am from (India, etc).Main (Bharaat) se hoon.मैं (भारत) से हूँ.

Where do you live?Aap kahaan rahte hain?आप कहाँ रहते हैं?

I live in (Mumbai, etc).Main (Mumbaee) men rahtaa hoon.मैं मुंबई में रहता हूँ.

Moods and States

How are you?Aap kaise hain?आप कैसे हैं?

I am good.Main acchaa hoon.मैं अच्छा हूँ.

I am fine.Main theek hoon.मैं ठीक हुँ.

Glad to hear that.Sun kar khushee huee.सुन कर खुशी हुई.

Okay.Theek hai.ठीक है.

And you?Aur aap?और आप?

I am not well.Main theek naheen hoon.मैं ठीक नहीं हूँ.

I am sick.Main beemaar hoon.मैं बीमार हूँ.

Get well soon.Jaldee se theek ho jaao.जल्दी से ठीक हो जाओ.

I am happy.Main khush hoon.मैं खुश हूँ.

I am sad.Main dhukhee hoon.मैं दुःखी हूँ.

I am stressed.Main pareshaan hoon.मैं परेशान हूं.

I am angry.Main naraaz hoon.मैं नाराज़ हूं.

I am excited.Main utsaahit hoon.मैं उत्साहित हूं.

I am hungry.Main bhukhaa hoon.मैं भूखा हूँ.

I am thirsty.Main pyaasa hoon.मैं प्यासा हूँ.

I am tired.Main thak gayaa hoon.मैं थक गया हूँ.

I am feeling sleepy.Mujhe neend aa rahee hai.मुझे नींद आ रही है.

Are you busy?Kyaa aap vyast hain?क्या आप व्यस्त हैं?

Yes, I'm very busy today.Haan, main aaj bahut vyast hoon.हन, मैं आज बहुत व्यस्त हूँ.

Really? / Seriously?Sacchee?सच्ची?

Out and About

How do you say ... in Hindi?Hindi men ... kaise kahte hain?हिंदी में ... कैसे कह्ते हैं?

How much is this?Kitne kaa hai?कितने का है?

Can I get the bill please?Bill do deejiye?बिल दे दीजिये?

Do you take credit cards?Aap credit cards lote hain?आप credit cards लेते हैं?

Where is (pharmacy, etc)?(Aushadhaalay) kahaan hai?(औषधालय) कहां है?

How far is (this place)?Yeh (sthaan) yahaan se kitnee dur hai?यह स्थान यहाँ से कितनी दूर है?

Where are you going?Aap kahan jaa rahe hain?आप कहां जा रहें हैं?

I am going (home, etc).Main (ghar) jaa rahaa hoon.मैं (घर) जा रहा हूँ.

What is this?Yeh kyaa hai?ये क्या है?

I don't know.Main naheen jaantaa hoon.मैं नहीं जानता हूँ.

I don't understand.Main naheen samajhtaa hoon.मैं नहीं समझता हूँ.

Do you like it?Aapko pasand hai?आपको पसंद है?

Yes, I really like it!Haan, mujhe bahut pasand hai!हाँ, मुझे बहुत पसंद है!

What time is it?Kitne baje hain?कितने बजे हैं?

It's (four, etc.) o'clock.(Caar) baje hain.(चार) बजे हैं.

Can I talk to ... please?Kyaa main ... se baat kar saktaa hoon?क्या मैं ... से बात कर सकता हूँ ?

He is not here.Voh yahaan naheen hai.वोह यहाँ नहीं है.

How is the weather?Mausam kaisaa hai?मौसम कैसा है?

The weather is good.Mausam acchaa hai.मौसम अच्छा है.

It is sunny.Dhoop hai.धूप है.

It is hot.Garam hai.गरम है.

The weather is bad.Mausam kharaab hai.मौसम ख़राब है.

It is raining.Baarish ho rahee hai.बारिश हो रही है.

It is snowing.Barf par rahee hai.बर्फ़ पड़ रही है.

Urgent Requests

Come here.Yahaan aaie.यहां आइए.

Hurry! / Do it faster please!Jaldee keejiye!जल्दी कीजिये!

I am getting late!Mujhe der ho rahee hai!मुझे देर हो रही है!


Can I help you?Kyaa main aapkee madad kar saktaa hoon?क्या मैं आपकी मदद कर सकता हूँ?

I'm lost.Main kho gayaa.मैं खो गया.

I need a taxi.Mujhe ek taiksee chaaheeye.मुझे एक टैक्सि चाहिये.

Can I use your phone?Kyaa main aapkaa phone istmaal kar saktaa hoon?क्या मैं आपका फ़ोन इस्तमाल कर सकता हूँ?

Why not, of course!Kyun naheen, jaroor!क्यूँ नहीं, ज़रूर!




Leave me alone.Mujhe akelaa chod do.मुझे अकेला छोड़ दो.

Wait!Prateeksha kijeeye!प्रतीक्षा किजीये!

Call the doctor.Daktar ko bulaaie.डाक्टर को बुलाइए.

Call the police.Pulees ko bulaaie.पुलिस को बुलाइए.